Nike Fa Cup Ordem V Football Jalkapallo Valkoinen


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Get yourself the ball that is used in the oldest domestic football tournament with this FA Cup Ordem V Football from Nike. Developed for the top level, this ball has enhanced flight control and touch with exceptional durability. Arriving in a size 5, the synthetic leather casing features Nike Aerowtrac grooves that stabilise the ball’s flight while delivering even pressure distribution. Compressed polyethylene layers stores energy that is released with firm strikes of the ball. The addition of distorted motion graphics makes the ball easier to track, and the ball itself is finished with FA Cup and Swoosh tick branding. PLEASE NOTE – Footballs arrive deflated. Need a pump? Just search product code 198554.

Väri: Valkoinen
Kohderyhmä: Miehet
EAN: 887227223937


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